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What does the Twin Flame Symbol mean?

What does the Twin Flame Symbol mean?

Twin Flame Symbol Explained

The Triangle

 "divine masculine" DM is located on the left point,  "divine feminine"  DF is located on the right point, and the connection of the two at the top point represents "unity" connected in mind, body, and spirit while being in perfect balance. 


There is also the correlation of the sun, moon, and earth. Based on the speech in Plato's Symposium, the man was the child of the sun, the woman of the earth, and the union of the sun and the earth is the moon.  They would revolve around each other in a continuous pattern .

How and why the souls were separated

The gods felt threatened that primal humans were too strong.  They had four legs, four arms and two faces,  Zeus split the people in two to make them weaker.  Each human would then wander looking for their other half. "Each of us when separated, having one side only, like a flat fish, is but the tally-half of a man, and he is always looking for his other half." (Plato's Symposium.)

Twin Flame Symbol, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, Unity, Eternal Love
watermark twin flame art.png
watermark twin flame art.png
watermark twin flame art.png

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

​It is important to note that they are not the architypes of male and female.  These "traits" can be accessed by all of us, and part of the spiritual path is getting them into a state of balance. 

Divine Masculine's Traits

These traits are more action-based, focused on doing rather than being, confidence, structure, logic, and assertiveness.

Divine Feminine 

These traits are associated with fertility, creativity, nurturing,  passive,  willing to compromise, and intuition. 


The Connection

Humans are prone to love and willing to love, embracing what is familiar to them. And when one of them meets with their other half,  the pair are lost in love, friendship and intimacy. They will want to be with each other constantly, yet, they can't explain why.  The intense yearning that they share for each other isn't  just of a sexual nature, but their souls desire (Plato's Symposium.)

Suppose Hephaestus, asked a couple, 'What do you mortals want of one another?'   'Do you desire to be wholly one; always day and night in one another's company? for if this is what you desire, I am ready to melt and fuse you together, so that being two you shall become one, and while you live a common life as if you were a single man, and after your death in the world below still be one departed soul, instead of two--I ask whether this is what you lovingly desire and whether you are satisfied to attain this?'-direct quote from Plato's Symposium.

After listening to that proposal would you stray from meeting your other half of your soul?  The desire to become whole, with your other half,  is the Twin Flame connection.

The Infinity symbol

The infinity symbol is used in mathematics to express limitlessness,  as you can trace the symbol endlessly traveling around the curves of the sideways 8 figure.  The infinity sign within Twin Flames represents mutual eternal love for each other.

The Twin Flame symbol therefore contains all of the elements that represents the balance of the divine masculine, the divine feminine, unity and eternal love.  

Express the desire to find your other half, or show the world you have found yours , trigger others to find theirs, to be whole, balanced and loved. 

Reference:  Aristophanes's Speech from Plato's Symposium (Translated by Benjamin Jowett) from Collected Works of Plato, 4th Edition, Oxford U. Press, 1953 (189c-189d) p 520 to (193d-193e) p 525.

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