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What are Twin Flames?
Signs and Stages

Have you ever felt like you've known someone all your life and yet you just met them?  How is that possible?  That "sensation" is the energy being transferred  from one person to another during that encounter.  That energy, is what we refer to as our "soul". If we pay close attention to what our soul is telling us, we can perceive a world beyond the material.   When we encounter a soul that speaks to us with the same frequency, "in the same language",  we just know!  

So what makes a Twin Flame connection different than others, such as a soul mate?  A Twin Flame connection consists of  "mirror souls" that continuously strive to become whole.  It’s important to understand that the "connection" is what encourages them to become more complete in their own right. Since there is a tremendous amount of growth within each other, it can be challenging, yet it is incredibly rewarding. Twin Flames not only have a unique and intense spiritual, emotional, and physical connection for each other, they are meant for each other.    


Twin Flame connections have common signs and stages, let's take a look.

12 common signs you encountered your Twin Flame:

  1. Meeting a twin flame feels like home.

  2. You have a lot in common, coincidences, similar past experiences, values, and interests.

  3. You complement each other like yin and yang. 

  4. Healing and growing, the purpose of a Twin Flame union is to support and help each other with their purpose and mission in life. 

  5. You encourage each other to become better.  It is a healthy relationship with mutual respect, communication, and support.    

  6. It’s magnetic, from the first encounter until you meet again, there is an intense physical and emotional attraction. 

  7. Challenges evolve into growth for both partners.  They don't one-up each other, or point to their flaws,  rather they encourage processing and inner work.

  8. Since they are connected at the same energy level, it is an intense and passionate relationship. On a physical level, they "rock your world", their slight touch ignites your fire and vice versa.

  9. You keep coming back together.  It could be months, years, or even decades later.  Pay attention to synchronicities; numbers, music, dreams, etc. 

  10. The connection feels divine like it is predestined- "True Love" It feels surreal.

  11. Psychic connection, you have a very strong intuition about the other’s emotions or thoughts. You can feel their emotional state without even looking at them.  

  12. They challenge the other to do better, promoting a lot of growth. 

8 common stages of a Twin Flame relationship

Stage 1: Awareness, your other half is out there. 

Stage 2: Magnetic attraction when you first meet.

Stage 3: Honeymoon phase, it feels surreal!

Stage 4: Growth phase, each partner goes through inner spiritual work.

Stage 5: Runner/Chaser- testing the relationship.

Stage 6: Separation phase, push and pull, one partner will walk away.

Stage 7: Reunion- after all the inner work and growth, they come back together.

Stage 8: Acceptance, mutual support, respect and reciprocity.

It is also important to understand that when Twin Flames are apart, it is a growth phase for one or for both of them.  Let the Universe guide you, it's for a reason! When there are blockages, it's because the universe is guiding you towards a path that is necessary for the inner work or growth.  Keep in mind Divine Timing,   and go with the flow. 

What is meant for you will never pass you by!

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