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Step into a world of profound connection with "Eternal Equilibrium," a mesmerizing triptych painting that brings the twin flame experience to life. This masterful artwork collaboration, features three majestic horses across each canvas, each stroke of color and composition telling a story of unity, passion, and transformation.  Created by Matthew Chase Morelan, Andrea Aquilina, and Kimberly Hamby.


The left canvas bursts with vibrant shades of orange, red, and yellow—a portrayal of the initial encounter between twin flames. These warm and passionate hues mirror the intense spark that ignites when two souls cross paths, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of love and self-discovery.


In the heart of the triptych, the central canvas presents a captivating fusion. One half retains the fiery energy of orange, red, and yellow, while the other transitions into a serene blue.

This symbolic composition encapsulates the intricate balance within the twin flame connection—the dance of passion and tranquility that fuels their journey.


The right canvas takes a deep dive into the serene realm of blue—a representation of the union that twin flames aspire to achieve. Here, a single horse stands proudly, embodying the culmination of their journey. This majestic creature symbolizes the unity and shared purpose that twin flames discover as they embrace their destinies together.


"Eternal Equilibrium  is not just a painting of horses—it's a visual ode to the twin flame journey. Hang this captivating triptych in your space and let its colors and symbolism remind you of the profound connection between souls, the harmonious balance of energies, and the transformative power of love.

Each Canvas measures 15"x 30" x 1 1/2". Acrylic 

Eternal Equilibrium: Horses- Triptych-Twin Flame Art

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