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We are contemporary American Artists that have partnered to share our works of art with you.  Our desire is to not only produce visually pleasing art, but to generate emotions.

Mathew Chase Morelan-  I was born in Houston, Texas but I lived in California for the  majority of my life.  My first memory of creating art was  at the young age of 6 years old. One of my fondest memories is reaching for my moms world encyclopedia books and drawing pictures on every page!  Ever since then, I have always felt that this is my purpose.  I have been creating and selling my works of art in Los Angeles, California for over 20 years.  I have met and enjoyed spending time with so many talented artists.  During these 20 years I have  painted Murals in peoples homes in Los Angeles,  sold my works of art in galleries, on the beach, art shows, art festivals, commission artworks, and now extending my reach to the world.   


Andrea Aquilina- I was born in Orange County, California and started drawing pictures on letters to my friends.  One day my best friend asked me to join her group that painted once a week in a garage  down the street from her house. Ever since then,  I have been painting for 20 years. My paintings are now displayed in a restaurant, peoples homes, and  now extending my reach to share my works of art to the world.

Our mission is to create works of art that  generate emotions of love, unity, passion, life and beauty.  

Mathew Chase Morelan-Andrea Aquilina- Twin Flame Artjpg
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